Tasks & Functions

Primary functions of Plan and Budget Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran (PBO) include:

  • Strategic planning and monitoring of the country's development
  • Conducting economic, social and cultural studies
  • Performing scientific studies to improve planning and budgeting systems of the country
  • Formulating short, mid and long-term policies and strategies with regard to the country’s development
  • Providing policy recommendations and guidelines on the budget to relevant competent authorities
  • Preparing the country’s annual budget and the subsequent submission of the budget to relevant competent authorities
  • Continuous monitoring with regard to the implementation of plans and budgets as well as the progress made during the fiscal year while establishing reports on the mentioned areas
  • Preparing plans (master plans) in regards to Spatial Planning
  • Evaluation of management performance
  • Managing and guiding country’s technical and executive system as well as reviewing and certifying qualifications and competencies of consultancy firms and contractors
  • Coordinating and overseeing of plans and programs with regard to national statistics
  • Preparing maps as well as gathering and disseminating spatial data
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