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The head of Mazandaran Management and Planning Organization stated in the first meeting of the Administrative Council in 1400; One thousand billion tomans of expenditure credits were allocated to Mazandaran.
According to the public relations of Mazandaran Management and Program Organization, Dr. Gholami Rad, in the first meeting of the administrative council of the province, which was held by video conference with the presence of the representative of the Supreme Leader, mentioned the total cost of funds allocated to executive bodies last year is one thousand billion tomans.
 Referring to last year's naming as a leap in production and analysis of various indicators and axes in the province, he said: "In the field of agriculture and industry, agriculture has the highest advantage between different sectors and 2.5 comparative advantage of the province during the previous year in agriculture." , Fisheries and forestry, and other services and industry are advantages
He continued: "According to this, the production jump program was set up with the help of the deputy governor of economy and other agencies, and by correcting the .numbers and figures, we can remove the production barriers this year with the support"
Gholami Rad reminded: In this regard, several projects were defined and during Dr. Nobakht's visit, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the governor's office to provide 500 billion tomans of credit in the form of facilities and a figure of about 8.5 billion tomans of national and provincial share has been provided.
The head of Mazandaran Management and Planning Organization stated: In the field of credits based on the revenue and expenditure system, due to sanctions and coronas, we did not think we could provide 23,000 billion rials in revenue, but fortunately, with the follow-ups, 117% of revenues have been achieved. .
He stated that the amount of receipts and receipts has increased by about 42% compared to 1998, adding: "Also in the credit section for providing staff salaries and carrying out the activities of the executive apparatus according to special conditions, the first notification of 705 cost credit It has been one billion tomans.
Gholami Rad reminded: Also, 52 billion Tomans were provided through the sale of surplus property and 34 billion Tomans for pensioners' bonus claims, and a total of one thousand billion Tomans has been provided for the executive organs of the province.
The head of Mazandaran Management and Planning Organization said: "Last year was one of the best years in terms of providing cost credits and 100% of staff salaries, benefits and salaries, staff leave balance, rental car expenses, etc. have been provided."
He continued: in the field of provincial development credits, 15 thousand billion Rials of credit was announced, of which 4 thousand billion Rials was cash allocation and in total 55% of credits including 8 thousand and 633 billion Rials have been allocated.

According to the public relations of the Mazandaran Management and Planning Organization, Dr. Gholami expressed the growth of exports and the focus on  technological innovation as important opportunities for the development of the province
Speaking about the human-centered nature of sustainable development, Dr. Gholami Rad said: "Increasing industrial development has caused irreparable damage so far"



Emphasizing that the view of development should change, he said: "From the point of view of the executive apparatus and the executive organization of development, fundamental changes should be made in this direction because the type of relationship between society, entrepreneurs and the private sector should be social participation and entrepreneurs' participation with the system." Sovereignty will determine economic participation
Gholami Rad emphasized that if we want to develop the country and the province, we must pay attention to investment and entrepreneurship, and the role of the government will be to provide vision and enlightenment in the development process so that people can do entrepreneurial work
The head of the Mazandaran Management and Planning Organization reminded: "Today, the expectation from the executive body for development is to create a link and coordination between the elements and forces of government and the elements of the development triangle, including the private sector"
Emphasizing that reforms and structures must be made in the field of development, he said: "Today, according to the Industrial Development Organization, we must change and move towards small enterprises and knowledge base"
  He said: "Also, the decision-making system changed from national levels to all levels, and we must enter into regional and provincial development"
  The head of Mazandaran Management and Planning Organization, stating that we should pursue regional policies based on upstream documents, said: "In terms of looking at development, we should prioritize knowledge-based and innovative policies and draw a technology and innovation roadmap"
   Gholami Rad, stating that we should have an analysis of the climatic situation, industry, agriculture, tourism, etc., said: "This analysis has been done in land management studies"
He said: Mazandaran province is facing problems and advantages and has unique opportunities to achieve development and in regional development we try to plan based on advantages and opportunities.
The head of Mazandaran Management and Planning Organization said: "Export development, focus on innovation is one of the opportunities of Mazandaran province and special attention should b be paid to it"

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